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Garage... is a dining experience on Main Street at the corner of Wing Street in historic downtown Northville, Michigan. The menu is as classic as the circa 1940 service station that is home to Garage.

Respectful of the past and stylish by today's trends, the restaurant, the bar and outdoor café are visually exciting with great views of the town. A separate "To Go" counter has been created for easy access.

An important feature of Garage is the Banquet Room, an 80 seat private room which has a view of an impeccably restored 1930 Ford Model A car that creates part of the overall banquet experience.

About Garage:

Built in 1940, the service station began as a Gulf Oil gas station named Atchinson Gulf. Later, the building became home to a Sunoco gas station, a Chrysler car dealership, a dry cleaner, and a garden shop. In 2012, the building was completely renovated and transformed into Garage as a grill and fuel bar.

Gulf Oil Gulf Oil Gulf Oil

Garage was designed by the firm of Ron & Roman of Birmingham, MI. Ron Rea's expertise has allowed him to design urban developments and many restaurants that have become top destinations for dining. Roman Bonislawski and Ron Rea created the company to form a unique design firm, which has become highly successful due to their overall approach with every project.

On Mainstreet...


The City of Northville retains a small-town atmosphere with stately Victorian era architecture in its Historic District and well-kept older homes built before the 1930's. The housing mixture includes single-family residences, condominiums, and multi-family complexes. Our "walk to" downtown boasts of old-fashioned street lamps, benches, specialty shops, galleries, theaters, restaurants, businesses, and preserved landmarks.